CIVIQ Smartscapes to speak at Smart Cities Connect in Austin

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Come and hear the CIVIQ Smartscapes team speak at Smart Cities Connect on June 26th in Austin this year. We will also be exhibiting at Booth 407, where we will be featuring a live WayPoint. 

Session details are below: 

Keynote: Transforming Urban Infrastructure - Strategies to Win 
When and Where: Monday June 26th, 9am, Room 7

Sandra Baer, CIVIQ's CMO will discuss how smart cities connect and compete. Ms Baer will recommend the ways in which cities can transform their urban infrastructure and the important attributes every city leader should consider before investing in technology. Ideally, every city should require solutions that are integrated, secure and scalable, enabling a city to easily add new services and expand capabilities as it grows. In addition, new technology should focus on real smart city benefits to residents, more efficient lighting, improved transit systems, smarter recycling programs, stronger public safety protections all lead to a better quality of life. Through city and company examples, Ms. Baer will show how cities are evolving to invest in infrastructure and prosper in the digital world.

Panel with Brad Gleeson, CIVIQ Chief Commercial Officer
Connected City, Smart City: Using Technologies to Inform & Engage Citizens 

When and Where: Monday, June 26, 2:00 -2:50 pm Room 8ABC

Smart cities use technologies to collect and analyze data to make better decisions that improve city infrastructure and services for people. However, most smart technologies are focused on measuring infrastructure and services, rather than informing people, engaging citizens, and collecting data directly from residents and visitors. This panel will focus on the importance of connecting directly with the people for whom smart cities efforts are intended, using both ubiquitous and emerging technologies. For example, smartphones are now pervasive, but their potential for personal data collection both passive (e.g. location and movement, business/service utilization, etc. and active (e.g. polling, feedback) and analytics for city planning, operations, and services delivery is vastly underutilized; there are very few widely-used, comprehensive 'smart city' apps. Smart home devices (e.g Amazon Echo) and AI agents (e.g. Google Pixel's Assistant) are beginning to explode in popularity, but initial applications are not focused on smart city purposes. On the other hand, smart kiosks are focused on city services and infrastructure, but are in their infancy in terms of adoption. This panel will discuss how these and other current and emerging technologies have great potential to improve citizens' lives and experiences in their cities, through better information, data collection and analytics.

Presentation:  Innovation Challenge Presentation

When and Where: Monday, June 26, 9:30am, Room 7

George Burciaga will present CIVIQ's solution as the CIVIQ pitch as the best innovation for engagement mobility, economic growth and security.

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