CIVIQ's George Burciaga to speak at DSE 2017 on 'How Smart Cities And IoT are Becoming a $1.4 Trillion Market

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George Burciaga, Managing Director, Global Government Innovation & Development, CIVIQ Smartscapes will be presenting an on-floor workshop at DSE this year around how Smart Cities and IoT are Changing the Future of Digital Signage. The session will be on Thursday, March 30 from 2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Session details: 

How Smart Cities and IoT are Becoming a $1.4 Trillion Market

From smart street lights to autonomous vehicles, opportunities in the Smart City and IoT market for digital signage companies are exploding if they are ready to make the leap. This presentation will uncover the many ways in which digital signage is being integrated into smart city initiatives, including the applications, business models and partnerships that are helping projects get off the ground. We will go behind the scenes of the largest Digital out of Home smart city initiative: LinkNYC, and explore how DOOH enabled the funding and sustainability of this project. We will share how CIVIQ Smartscapes, a pioneer in this space, works within complex multi-stakeholder environments and with partners to enable and deliver a wide range of smart city initiatives that provide valuable services to residents, visitors, and cities.  

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