Convention Center Challenges? How smart kiosks can help venues.

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Getting lost at a concert back in the day was par for the course, if not a welcome part of the adventure. With no smart technology or devices of any sort, music fans were content to wander around a stadium for hours looking for their seats, their friends, and afterwards, their cars. But for many fans, getting lost in a stadium or event venue, or not being able to find your car, can be a harrowing experience.  Spring forward 40 years, and smart technology has made the stadium and event experience more convenient and safer for fans, better for the environment, and more profitable for organizers and local businesses. People’s expectations around technology and being connected have changed - and venues now need to keep up.

From the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority in Boston, to Brooklyn’s Barclay Center in New York, venues across the country are taking their cue from Smart City technology to enhance fan engagement, improve safety and boost profits.

Today’s Smart Kiosks can be a game changer when it comes to providing wayfinding for large crowds and disoriented fans.  

“They’re tall and visible,” says Spenser Brouwer, CIVIQ Smartscapes, “smart kiosks are a beacon of information.” CIVIQ’s 10-foot-tall Waypoint, for example, is divided into various zones each serving a unique function. The “Permanent Zone” of the kiosk functions as traditional signage. “For convention centers it’s like having an internal street sign,” says Brouwer. 

Smart Kiosks also offer branding opportunities for the venue itself. CIVIQ's solution offer a Broadcast Zone for digital messaging, advertising and real time alerts in the event of an emergency. Event planners are given the opportunity to offer sponsors creative brand activation ideas at conferences. For venues, this is also an opportunity to drive revenue through local advertising and sponsorship deals.

At the same time, the One-to-One Zone, also known as the engagement zone, can guide visitors to local points of interest both inside and outside the convention center. For example, the CIVIQ Experience offers directions to places to eat and drink nearby on the ‘one-to-one’ zone, providing options within a 5 or 20 minute walking circle from the kiosk. Attendees can search, find what they’re looking for, and then send the directions to their phone. Not only is this highly convenient for attendees, it’s an opportunity to showcase the city and local area to these visitors.

This structure of a hierarchy of information on the tall and visible smart kiosk provides many opportunities to enhance the attendee experience.

Adding to this - with a simple tap, the content can be translated into many languages, welcoming international guests and making the whole experience more inclusive.

So whether music or a hockey fan, a well placed network of smart kiosks can make a world of difference to attendees, visitors, and events planners.

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