The "New CIVIQ Experience" Launched Today At The US Conference Of Mayors

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Today we announce our launch of a "new CIVIQ Experience" with an inventive, state-of-the-art content management system.

As one of the top branding opportunities for cities, campuses, convention centers and more, CIVIQ's new WayPoint screens are designed to be compelling, attractive and user friendly. CIVIQ teamed up with Reality Interactive to build new content—simple, easy to use and vibrant. "Interested in ensuring that the CIVIQ Experience is a helpful and lasting part of the urban landscape, we focused on four guiding principles of design," said Reality Interactive's Creative Director, Douglas Hampton-Dowson.

  1. Serving always as a gateway to the community--honest, contextual and timely
  2. "Right here, Right now!" Providing information that is immediately useful
  3. Clarity of intent and purpose for all functions
  4. Simple to use, for every user

"The result of our collaboration, combining CIVIQ's market experience and Reality's creative expertise, is a wow," said CIVIQ President and CEO, Gerry Burns. "Our digital, interactive screens are brighter, smarter and more valuable than any other kiosk. CIVIQ has always provided the best and most innovative  urban rugged hardware and we are now providing the best and most innovative software to showcase a community's brand and keep its residents and visitors informed and connected."

To see the new CIVIQ Experience in action, join us at the US Conference of Mayors at the Boston Marriott Copley Place, June 8-11, where CIVIQ is a top sponsor of the event and where we will exhibit our exciting content management software.

Below is just a snapshot of the interactive portion of the new CIVIQ Experience. 


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