Connecting people, places & experiences.

The world's most powerful, rugged, connected touchpoints.

The talk of the town.

Stunning design, customizable and rugged structure.

Matte finish with unlimited styles

Hurricane and natural disaster tested

Dual 55" HD display and multi-touch

WayPoint Device

Uncompromising speed and security.

Safety and security, speed and coverage, all-in-one.

Incredibly fast 1GB WiFi

810' (246m) coverage radius when combined with LTE

Multi-layered cyber-security

Five secure, public and private networks

Powering cities. Empowering citizens.

People-centered technology that transforms communities.

911 calls and emergency alerts

ADA compliant and people-friendly

Tall and visible no matter the time

All types of sensors - from lighting to air quality

Urban-Rugged Displays

Dynamic content, built to last.

Impact-resistant glass

High-brightness technology

High performance cooling without AC

Weather resistant

Shape the future of your city with this powerful solution.

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