There are companies that make kiosks.
And then there's CIVIQ.

CIVIQ's platform uniquely communicates, interacts with and protects residents and visitors.


The first and only private network operating on a public infrastructure

With CIVIQ your city has 5 separate encrypted end-to-end networks from residential to operational. A hub to connect all of your smart devices.

1 Free Public Wi-Fi
2 Public Safety
3 Aggregated City Data
4 Content Management
5 Remote IoT Device Management


Infinite possibilities

People-centered technology and on-the-street presence offer valuable and fun experiences to every user.

Snap and share a Digital Postcard

City news, events, entertainment and points of interest

Quickly see all there is to do in your city in one easy searchable place.

Emergency calling and services

Connect to public safety services for help in times of crisis.

Live transit schedules and wayfinding

Explore your transit options and find your way across the community.

Best in-class Wi-Fi

Gigabit speed, reliability and privacy for every user.

Unparalleled Cyber Security

Protection from the street level to the cloud and back.

Hyper-Localized Content

Easily place geo-specific advertising content to support local businesses, events and city initiatives.

Shape the future of your city with this powerful solution.

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