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Now cities can leverage existing infrastructure while introducing street-level smart city devices across safety, transportation and other critical services.

The CIVIQ Mobility Experience

The essential core technologies connecting city infrastructure, services, and people. Once in place, the digital transformation begins.

Public Wi-Fi

At the heart of an inclusive and smart community, CIVIQ's public Wi-Fi offering provides a secure, and reliable solution to deliver access and collaboration. CIVIQ is the first and only private network operating on public Wi-Fi, ensuring top protection from cyber-attacks.

Public Safety & Security

CIVIQ's offering connects devices, people and services to protect everyone in the city. CIVIQ's presence is commanding, from our WayPoint X with cameras, alerts and digital applications, to our platform connecting lights, sensors and city officials.

Smarter Mobility

Predictive arrival, points of interest and city services ensure a safer and smoother flow of traffic and people. Whether by train, bus, car, bike or foot, CIVIQ provides smarter transit.

Scalable Infrastructure


CIVIQ's integrated technology is scalable, enabling a city to easily add new services.

As your community's needs change, so do their network requirements. CIVIQ's solutions allow real-time adoption of smart city services to ensure fast, low cost, hassle-free transformations, today and tomorrow.

Smart Lighting

In collaboration with our ecosystem partners, CIVIQ advances lighting solutions that transform the visual appearance of places, making urban areas accessible, usable and safe at night. Our lighting backbone generates massive savings in energy costs, labor and maintenance.

Environmental Sensors

Environmental monitoring lets you observe and react to the current conditions including temperature, air quality, noise, gunshots, explosions, traffic and more.


It's never been easier to make your community smarter.

Your end-to-end solution is fully deployed and managed by CIVIQ, from the devices, to the platform, to the city, to the cloud and back.

  • System Design

    Integrated 3rd-party products, services and applications

  • Financing

    Partnership support for project financing & revenue sharing

  • Field Services

    Installation, logistics, and maintenance services

  • Custom Software

    Integrated software with custom interactive UX

  • Custom Apps

    Unique experiences and applications

  • CIVIQ Analytics

    Valuable insights into the flow of your community

  • Monitoring

    Network monitoring, operations, & content management


We understand return on investment.

By design, CIVIQ's infrastructure sparks business growth across the community. Through advertising we support community businesses and generate new revenue while helping local businesses reach new customers.

Shape the future of your city with this powerful solution.

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