Your campus, upgraded.

Modernize your university and mobilize your students.


Inclusive campus experiences

Expand your campus' culture, create revenue streams and stay competitive with CIVIQ's powerful digital solution.

Welcome & inform new students & visitors
Leverage local advertising opportunities
Provide interactive wayfinding
Support student activities & enterprises
Promote campus happenings

Smarter environments, safer universities.

Campus security is imperative in today's schools. With CIVIQ, create peace-of-mind and keep everyone informed at a moment's notice.

Live Emergency Alerts

Security Surveillance Network

Two-way Communication with Campus Police

Immediate Crisis Instructions


Digital content that communicates at the speed of life

Showcase sports events, music concerts, student leadership events and only by your imagination. Provide onboarding for freshmen, leverage hyper-localized advertisements and create additional revenue streams.

Make your campus even more innovative, interactive and responsive with CIVIQ's platform. Stay competitive by anticipating the needs of tomorrow's students.

Right Here, Right now.

With CIVIQ's dynamic digital wayfinding, students have the ability to better explore their campus. By highlighting local points of interest, the WayPoint curates event and location recommendations.

Transportation simplified.

Never miss the shuttle with up to the minute transportation schedules, routes, and delays. From game day activities to parent events to alumni weekends, find out all you need to know inside the wayfinding application.

An upgraded campus experience.

Each WayPoint serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile charging station, ensuring that every student is connected and prepared no matter where they are going on campus.

Exceptional accessibility.

CIVIQ's solution is engineered from the ground up to be ADA compliant so that every student, visitor and administrator has access.

Shape the future of your city with this powerful solution.

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